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Snail garden snail farm

This week we are proud to share the story of Snail Garden Snail Farm. Brought to you from one of its co-founders: Akaki Paksadze.

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Where did you get the idea to start snail farming?

About 3 years ago Georgia started snail farming, I and my friends were interested in it, and did some research on this market. after that, we decided to build the farm and produce the snail for export to the EU.

Where is your snail farm located and how big is the farm?

It is located in Georgia, in the region of Kakheti.  the farm is around 6 ha and we produce 40-50 tones of snail per year.

Snail garden snail farm

What kind of snail farming techniques do you use?

We are cooperating with ”La Lumaca Madonita” and we are using their, ”madonita” method.

With the madonita method investing is much less than other methods. The snail farm is characterized by large enclosures for snails of about 1000 square meters, made with the innovative Spiranet Electro electrified net for snails and without the aid of perimeter sheets thanks to the fact that the Spiranet net protects 100% and in any climatic condition, from the escape of snails from fences as it happens with other types of flounced nets.

Inside the large enclosures are grown vegetables dedicated exclusively to the feeding of snails and which will serve for the sustenance of the animals for a good 70% of their total diet. The remaining 30% is integrated with the special Nutrihelix snail feed.

What types of snail products do you produce? (fresh, canned, caviar, cream, etc.)

We produce fresh snails. species is Helix Apersa Muller.

What are the most important things to consider when starting a snail farm?

Soil, water, climate, and after starting the farming farmer must take care every single day.

How much time did your farm take to be built up and running?

Around 3 months.

Snails in a snail farm

What are the biggest obstacles to successful snail farming?

Dry climate, because snails are comfortable in moist.

In what forms do you sell snails and where did you find your first buyers?

We sell hibernated conditions. our product’s main buyer is La Lumaca Madonita

What does your typical day look like?

Every day we feed snails and irrigate farms in the evening.

What personal traits does a person need to start this venture and be successful?

First of all, I want to say that it seems easy to build a farm but it needs big human and financial resources, and after making the farm it needs daily maintenance.

Where did you learn both the business and technical side of snail farming?

Before we started snail farming we went through consultation with Georgian farmers and also Italian farmers, after some research, we decided to cooperate with La Lumaca Madonita because we think that they have the best method for breeding snails, we studied their method and according to their method, we grow snails.

Contact information:

Our company name –  Snail Garden
Address – Georgia, region of Kakheti
Phone Number – +995558888846
Email –
Facebook – Snail Garden

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