Snail Types

Moon Snail: Talented, Or Terrifying?

Orange moon snail

These marine snails aren’t from our planet’s lunar friend, but that doesn’t mean moon snails aren’t an out-of-this-world creature. Drilling for food, inflating like a balloon, and injecting victims with hydrochloric acid — these mollusks have a wide and interesting array of serial-killer-like talents. Why don’t we take a closer look? What Are Moon Snails? …

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Milk Snail: The Complete Guide

milk snail Otala Lactea

An edible land snail with a consumable name, the air-breathing milk snail looks harmless but could very well be a serious pest where you live. This adaptable species of gastropod is the second most eaten one around the world, but how easy it is to take care of? Let’s find out. Milk Snail aka Otala …

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Giant African Land Snail

Achatina Fulica

The Giant African Land Snail (GALS in short) is one of the largest terrestrial snails in the world. It is also known by its scientific names: Achatina fulica, Achatina marginata, Achatina achatina and it is part of the Gastropod family. Due to its large size and distinctive features, he looks very exotic. That exotic look …

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Types of snails

A snail with a gold shell

There are over 40,000 species of snails all over the world. The most known type is the land snail (also called terrestrial snail). There are two other types: the freshwater snail and the sea snail. All those types of snails together with the different slugs belong to the Gastropoda class.  Snails are very adaptable animals. …

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