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Snail Life Cycle

baby snail with his parent

Snails are interesting creatures that can be found all over the world. There are many different species of land snails and freshwater snails. They all go through the same stages during their life cycle. In order to explain each stage, we will divide the snail life cycle to four stages: The egg The baby snail …

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Snails Anatomy

Snails Anatomy

Many people are surprised to learn that snail’s anatomy has parts that are similar to humans. After all, snails and humans are so different. It might be even hard to think of an animal that is more different than us. They are slimy, fragile, small and slow. While we are relatively strong, adaptable and fast …

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Giant African Land Snail

Achatina Fulica

The Giant African Land Snail (GALS in short) is one of the largest terrestrial snails in the world. It is also known by its scientific names: Achatina fulica, Achatina marginata, Achatina achatina and it is part of the Gastropod family. Due to its large size and distinctive features, he looks very exotic. That exotic look …

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Types of snails

A snail with a gold shell

There are over 40,000 species of snails all over the world. The most known type is the land snail (also called terrestrial snail). There are two other types: the freshwater snail and the sea snail. All those types of snails together with the different slugs belong to the Gastropoda class.  Snails are very adaptable animals. …

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Where Do Snails Live?

a snail in a garden

Most people encounter snails in their garden, back yard or around their house. But the amazing truth is that snails live all over the world. They are found in each one of the five continents. There are even species that lives in the Antarctic Ocean. There are thousands of different species across the globe. They …

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How Do Snails Reproduce

How Do Snails Reproduce

The way that snails mate is one of the most interesting in the animal kingdom. Most snail types (including land snails) are hermaphrodites. That long word basically means that their anatomy have both male and female reproductive organs. Each one of them has the ability to create eggs and sperm at the same time. A …

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