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Snail Farming Guide
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With this Snail Farming Guide you can get started with a very profitable, untapped niche. You can to do it as a hobby or as a full scale business. If you will start the right way, nothing can get in your way. 

It’s perfect for the beginner and for the experienced because it contains information gathered from research, studies and from snail farming experts.  

Our satisfaction guaranteed policy – Read our book absolutely risk-free for 30 days and if you are not totally satisfied with it, just let us know and we’ll refund you for your purchase.

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You are about to learn:

  • How to get started the right way without frustration and doubts.

  • How to save money and time by avoiding costly mistakes.

  • How to multiply your farm each year with easy-to-follow technics.

  • How to maintain and care for your snail farm with simple procedures.

Starting a business, any business, can seem daunting, expensive and time consuming!

But the truth is, you only need to learn it the right way. You will be able to start with a small amount of capital. Reduce the risks and properly manage the operation.

There are some options for anyone interest to start a snail farm:

Option #1: Figure it all out on your own

This is the approach that many people choose.

And for the immediate reason: it’s free!

After all, the Internet is full with information, blogs, forums, YouTube videos.

But this option has some problems.

First, it takes a lot of time to find and sort through the mountains of information.

And that information is often conflicting, confusing and in many cases, just wrong.

How do you know which blog’s opinion to listen to? It’s impossible.

I have already done all of that.

Reading, cross referencing, researching and talking to real successful snail farmers that had the same journey as you did.

Option #2: Hire a consultant

There are some excellent consultants out there. Unfortunately, there are also quite a few that have no clue what they’re talking about. How do you tell the difference?

Worse part, those consultants and programs often cost a lot of money. This actually contradicts the nature of the snail farming business which is: affordable to start.

Our eBook costs more or less like a lunch.

Think about it, you can learn everything you need in a cost of a single lunch.

Option #3: Follow a proven blueprint

Many of the snail farmers we spoke with, said they would have killed for a single resource of information when they first started.

You can save all the trial and error, the clueless mistakes and guesswork. 

Position yourself ahead of the pack in this very lucrative niche business.

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This is not for you if you are:

  • Looking for a get rich quick scheme.
  • Think you can push a button and immediately start earning money. Those don’t exist!​
  • Not willing to put any work.

If any of those describe you, don’t bother buying the eBook.

Over 85% of the people who bought our snail farming guide, were able to start a snail farm in less than 3 weeks!

The snail farming eBook includes the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Pick an Ideal Site & Prepare It for Your Snail Farming Needs.
What factors to consider when looking for your snail farm site. How to prepare it for the snails.

Chapter 2: Adapt Measures to Keep Away the Predators.
You need to remember that snails might be a great food source for people but there are many other animals that feed on them. Protecting your precious business is critical to your success.

Chapter 3: Gain Insights on the Food that Snails Eat
What to feed your snails? Which kind of food will make their shell grow bigger and stronger? What food to avoid?

Chapter 4: Complete Process of Snail Breeding
Given the right circumstances, the number of snails in your farm can grow rapidly. You can start with a few dozens and have hundreds or thousands after a year. There is no real secret there, just giving them what they need.

Chapter 5: Growing Phase of the Baby Snails
So, your snail reproduced. You had a few and now there are tons of eggs and babies. Your work has just began. Without taking care of the baby snails, they won’t last more than a few days.

Chapter 6: The Process of Snail Harvesting
Like any other farm, the time will come to harvest the snails. Learn the right process to complete this important task.

Chapter 7: Final Procedures before Packing & Selling the Snails
You are almost ready to sell your snails. Learn how to get them from the farm to your customers safely.

Chapter 8: Important Things to Consider Upon Snail Farming
There are rules and regulation involved in snail farming. Make sure your business will not turn into a liability.

You can do it!

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Our satisfaction guaranteed policy – Read our book absolutely risk-free for 30 days and if you are not totally satisfied with it, just let us know what you didn’t like and we’ll refund you for your purchase.

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