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There are 360 breeds of dogs in the world. There are around 10,000 species of birds and about 33,000 species of fish. Can you imagine there are over 40,000 different species of snails?

There are 3 types of snails:

  • Land snails – When people hear the word snail, they will usually think first of a land snail. It is very common to see different kinds of them in the garden. Most common types are garden snails, roman snails and others. Read more about:
    • The Great African Land Snail also became “popular” in Florida, invading the farms and eating over 500 types of crops.
    • Fire snail – Taken directly out of a vampire movie. The most extreme land gastropod you will have see.
    • Milk snail – This harmless looking little snail is a nightmare for the state of Texas.
    • Florida Tree Snail – Relatively large, yet endangered species. As it’s name suggest native to Florida. This type alone as more than 50 different colors.
Fire snail on the ground
  • Freshwater snails – This type can live in many different freshwater bodies of water like lakes, rivers, streams, etc. It is popular among the aquarium hobbyists with the most known are the apple snails, mystery snails and others.
  • Saltwater snails – Those were mostly known to deep sea divers. However, in recent years those pets became very popular among saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. Read about:
    • Nassarius Snail – The scavenger that will help you stabilize the water parameters.
    • Turbo Snail – How fast is its turbo? none at all. Their name has other origins.
    • Cerith Snail – This little guy will win the janitor of the month, every month. A must snail for your aquarium.
    • Nerite Snails – One of the best aquarium cleaners. Less than 1 inch long but efficient as it is small.
    • Elephant Snail – Strange looking and rare. A sort of a yellow gentle elephant. Recommended for advanced only.
    • Stomatella Snail – Hitchhiking into your aquarium. You will first ask yourself whether it is a snail or slug. So which one is it?

All types of snails belong to the Gastropoda class. This class is one of the oldest animals that ever existed, going back 500 million years. They exist all over the world and there is a lot to know about them. Let’s get started:

Snails Facts

A snail next to a light mushroom

What do snails eat? – Different species eat different things. Most of them will love a good bowl of fresh leaves (or algae). However, there are many of them that will eat meat or other interesting stuff.

How do snails reproduce? – Most snails are what scientists call hermaphrodites. This means that each one has female and male reproductive organs at the same time. However, they usually will not self-reproduce (like bees or ants). Their reproduction process is very interesting and includes a love dart (cupid reference?).

Snail anatomy – Most people would know that they have shells. How many know that they have hearts, liver and lungs? What about the brain? or eyes?

Snail life cycle – Snails hatch from eggs and within 1 to 2 years will become adults that are able to mate and product their own babies. See their amazing life cycle.

Where do snails live? – Different species live in different places in the world. There is hardly a place in the world without at least one species of snails.

Slug vs. Snail – What is the difference between those to animals that share the same class? The answer might surprise you.

Snails for Kids

Snails are great animals for kids to observe and learn about.

A girl with her pet snail

You can start with our 71 facts about snails. They are organized in fun, short sentences that will be great for kids but also for adults. Number 39 is amazing.

You can also check out the snail puns and jokes collection. This will crack you up!

Snail Pet

If you are interested in keeping a snail as a pet we have great resources for you.

The Ultimate Snail Pet Guide is easy to read yet very comprehensive guide for anyone who is looking into getting snails as pets. Within a few minutes, you will learn which snail is best for you, how to feed it, how to take care of it and more.

Guide to Pet Snail Owner eBook – Is the perfect ebook for anyone that needs a little more information about their new pet. 46 pages covering 12 chapters. Get your copy on sale today!

Guide to Pet Snail Owners eBook Cover

Pet snails for sale – When you decid to get a pet snail and now wondering where to get one, visit this page to see the different options you have. Whether it is online or offline.

Pet snails names – If you will search online for a name for your snail pet you most likely see names like: Speedy, Turbo, Shelly, etc. All good names but how about names from Star Wars? Marvel? How about names for more than one snail?

Snails as Food

People are eating snails for thousands of years. Just because it is called Escargot, it doesn’t mean it is a new French fad.

escargot dish with lemon and rosemary

Escargot – This article will teach you basically everything you need to know about snails as food. History of the food, how to pronounce it, nutrition value, where to get it and much more.

101 Escargot Recipes – We started with an idea to check how many great recipes there are online to cook snails and found over 100. Number 22 and 73 are some of the favorites. Bookmark and save.

Escargots de Bourgogne – With all respect to over 100 recipes, this one is the most famous and popular escargot recipe. Not difficult to make and the result is amazing.

Snail festivals around the world – Here you will find dates and locations for many escargot festivals from all over the world where you can experience new tastes and cooking techniques.

Snail Caviar

Snail caviar – This is another way to enjoy eating escargot. Similar to the known fish caviar. Snail caviar popularity is increasing lately and so is the demand.

How to eat snail caviar – Learn how to eat this new age delicacy.

Snail Cream

The mucous snails produce contains mucin proteins. They need it and use it for many functions. They use it to lubricate one surface they glide on and stick to another surface. However, it was long discovered that this mucin has great positive dermatological impact.

Snail cream – Here you can learn basic information about what snail cream is and what it does, as well as some history behind it.

Are snail cream effective? – If you are looking for another way to keep your skin clean and young, don’t turn away from this new cream. The answer might surprise you.

Snail Farming

Two snail farmers

Snail farming techniques have been evolving for centuries. There are snail farms all over the world and quick to act entrepreneurs are joining this profitable niche.

Snail farming (Heliciculture) – A 9 minute read article full with statistics and data that will show you a 360 view of the snail farming business.

Snail farming guide eBook – The eBook that every inspiring snail farmer needs to read. Whether you are trying to build a business or just for your own consumption, this is for you. Comes with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Snail Farming Guide

How to sell snails? – A smart person would want to know how to sell their products even before they have it. This is where you find the answers. Also check the website for snail farm article.

Success stories – Read the stories of over a dozen of snail farmers that used the techniques mentioned in the eBook and found success. Farmers from all over the world shared their story with us.

Snail farming resources – Stay up to date with every aspect of the snail farming business. Read about market data, snail breeding institutes and more.

Items for Snails Lovers

From snail decoration and merchandise for kids to adults. Here you will see ideas, reviews and more.

Snail soap dispenser – If you are not part of this snail dispenser craze you better get started. Thousands of units are sold every month. We bought one to see how it is. Check it out.

Brown Snail Soap Dispenser