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Introducing our very own, first in the world, Snailopeidia. Basic and advanced information about snails. Suitable for kids and adults.

When you hear the world “Escargot”, you immediately picture a fine French restaurant with white tablecloth and candle lights. However, human have been eating snails for thousands of years. 
Looking for high quality escargot recipes? How to eat snails? Or maybe the Nutritional value of snails?

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Escargot World was created even before the internet . It started with a love for the nature and the love for this small and interesting creatures. That curiosity took us through a long road of learning everything possible about those amazing animals. We became familiar with what they like, what they need, how they live and reproduce. In addition, we also learned how they feel and taste. 

If you are curious about anything related to snails, Escargot World is the place for you. We have dozens of wiki pages with useful information. Dozens of pages on how to start a snail farm, including an eBook that helped hundreds of entrepreneurs. If you are looking for recipes for tasty escargot dishes, we have those as well. 

In addition you will find information about snails cream, snails caviar and products you can purchase.  

Read our special interview with Barbara Barcellona Smith, the author of Let’s Eat Snails! See what’s inspired her to create a unique, award winning children book, when was the first time she ate a snail and what other adventures she has waiting for you from her family Sicilian culture.  

Named 2021 Superpower Book for Identity and Culture by Every Child a Reader

Let’s Eat Snails takes young readers on an ethnic culinary adventure. In a Sicilian-American household, cooked snails are the ultimate treat, as one young visitor comes to delight in understanding. This captivating story serves up a lesson in the value of being open-minded and not being afraid of what you don’t know.

Let's Eat Snails


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