Snail Farming in South Africa

snail farming
Helix aspersa

If you ever wondered if snail farming is a profitable business, we just found another great story of snail farmers making it happen! Learn more about what it is like to open a snail farm in South Africa.

This is a story about Stanley Micallef and his wife, Heather, of Benoni in Gauteng, where they established their snail farm called Stanley’s Snails .

They decided to use a temperature-controlled environment to speed up the snail-breeding process in their enterprise. Although this is not the natural outdoor approach, this system ensures that snails can be harvested at the age of seven months, instead of nine to 12 months, and can be harvested all year round.

Read their story here.

For more information on how to start breeding snails or start a snail farm, please head over here to buy a Guide to Snail Farming.

snail farming south africa

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