101 Escargot Recipes

It is a known fact that people have been eating snails for centuries. Still, whenever the word “Escargot” is mentioned, most people will automatically think of upscale French restaurant. There are others though, who are familiar with snail cooking through family recipes. The nutrition value of snails was scientifically proven long ago. One of the …

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How to eat snail caviar

snail caviar

Did you know that when snails mate, it can take hours to complete the act? Once everything is done and dusted, the snails lay only about 100 eggs in the soil. Snail eggs or snail caviar is usually served as an earthy, woodsy garnish for blinis, salads, or soups. It looks like little white pearls. Many …

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How to Eat Snails

Escargots are something special in the world of cuisine and therefore it is to be expected that the way we eat them is also quite something else. You are absolutely right if you think there must be more than one way to eat snails – depending on the type of escargot dish of course! The …

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How to produce snail caviar

Watch this short video of how Dominique Pierru produces snail caviar, adding a unique flavour of rosemary and salt. The French entrepreneur takes the production of snail caviar very seriously, and the price of snail caviar reflects the hard work and precision invested into it. You can too produce your own snail caviar by setting …

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National Escargot Day

national escargot day may 24

Every year on May 24th is the national escargot day. Those who celebrate this day often go out to restaurants and eat their favorite escargot dish or cook one at home. Just think of it as Thanksgiving, but for snails. Did you know that Escargots were the first animals to be farmed by man, as archaeological …

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Cooking snails

snail recipe

Escargot recipes are on the rise as the next popular dish for chefs! Snails can be used in so many different forms and can taste very differently as appetizers, soups, main courses, in a sauce, side dish, salad or in a dessert. As the demand for escargots rises, snail recipes are evolving every day and really, there …

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