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This is a website with a passion for escargots. Everything from snail farming, preparing, cooking and eating escargots. For you to learn about this amazing animal and inspire you to try growing your own snails or at least have a go at one of the restaurants serving escargot.

If you are a snail farmer or a restaurant serving escargots, or simply a passionate researcher that wants to share their story, please contact us and we would be happy to write about your journey and share your story on this website. This will improve your online presence and promote your business.

Our Team

Kevin Brighton

Kevin is one of the co-founders of Escargot World. Kevin took an interested with small animals and pets ever since he was a little kid growing up in Boston MA. Although his life took him on a technology path with an engineering degree, Kevin always found ways to pursue his passion and love for snails. So, Escargot World was born.

Wyatt Mendelson

Wyatt is an inspiring entrepreneur. Several years ago he came across the Snail Farming business model and fell in love with the simplicity, the low carbon footprint and potential. He read every book and attended every course available on Heliciculture.

Jess Carter

Jess is a fan of the good life. She is a licensed cosmetologist that enjoys fine dining, movies, books and the beach. Jess create content for Escargot World mainly about escargot, recipes and snail cream. You will rarely find her without an answer to your question.

Dean Marlowe

Dean is a veterinarian specialized in molluscs , with over 12 years of experience working with a variety of species. He is Escargot World “secret agent” in the UK, creating content about the life of snails and snail farming in the UK.

Marla Daniels

Marla is our newest content contributor. She is a mother of 2 lovely girls and recently added Gizzle, a garden snail into her family. She started in Escargot World as a graphic designer but our cute snails just won her over. She writes about snail pets and snail facts.

A Snail

Bazooka is our website’s official snail. He really is a one-snail show and he does it all. He glides. He sleeps. He eats. Well, that’s most of it.

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