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Jess is a fan of the good life. She is a licensed cosmetologist that enjoys fine dining, movies, books and the beach. Jess create content for Escargot World mainly about escargot, recipes and snail cream. You will rarely find her without an answer to your question.

101 Escargot Recipes

It is a known fact that people have been eating snails for centuries. Still, whenever the word “Escargot” is mentioned, most people will automatically think of upscale French restaurant. There are others though, who are familiar with snail cooking through family recipes. The nutrition value of snails was scientifically proven long ago. One of the …

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Are Snail Creams Effective?

Mizon snail extract

The current trend in the cosmetics industry is to go back to the nature, back to the basics. And that means using natural and clean ingredients. Less is more and it’s also true for your skincare routine. “There is anecdotal evidence that proteins in snail slime have anti-aging benefits, and clinical trials have looked at …

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How to eat snail caviar

snail caviar

Did you know that when snails mate, it can take hours to complete the act? Once everything is done and dusted, the snails lay only about 100 eggs in the soil. Snail eggs or snail caviar is usually served as an earthy, woodsy garnish for blinis, salads, or soups. It looks like little white pearls. Many …

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Snail Cream

snail cream

Snail Creams have recently risen to popularity, especially in the quest for the magic ingredient that will keep your skin looking forever young. What exactly snail creams consist of that makes them so special? Helix aspersa muller glycoconjugates or what is normally called snail slime, or snail secretion. It doesn’t sound appealing, however snail slime …

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How to Eat Snails

Escargots are something special in the world of cuisine and therefore it is to be expected that the way we eat them is also quite something else. You are absolutely right if you think there must be more than one way to eat snails – depending on the type of escargot dish of course! The …

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Cooking snails

snail recipe

Escargot recipes are on the rise as the next popular dish for chefs! Snails can be used in so many different forms and can taste very differently as appetizers, soups, main courses, in a sauce, side dish, salad or in a dessert. As the demand for escargots rises, snail recipes are evolving every day and really, there …

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Escargots de Bourgogne

escargot de bourgogne

Escargots de Bourgogne is the most common worldwide recipe of preparing escargots originating from French region of Burgundy. Snails used in this recipe are also known as ‘Burgundy snails’. This is Helix pomatia species of snail, or so called Roman snail, Apple snail. This dish is almost as famous as escargots themselves. The main ingredients …

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Snail caviar

snail caviar

Snail caviar is a delicacy not known to many people. Most common conclusion that comes to one’s mind when hearing the word caviar is fish caviar. There are many types of fish caviar and usually caviar is considered to be a luxurious product. Snail caviar is no less luxurious, priced at €2,000 per kilogram / …

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