101 Escargot Recipes

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It is a known fact that people have been eating snails for centuries. Still, whenever the word “Escargot” is mentioned, most people will automatically think of upscale French restaurant. There are others though, who are familiar with snail cooking through family recipes.

The nutrition value of snails was scientifically proven long ago. One of the many reasons the demand for escargot is increasing year after year and more and more “boutique” snail farms are popping up everywhere around the world.

So, while the most famous Escargot recipe is probably Escargot de Bourgogne, there are many others. How many? We are trying to show here at least 100 different Escargot recipes. In addition, we will focus on small cooking blogs as much as possible and less of the large recipes repositories.

Important note: while we try to show as many recipes and blogs as possible, there is absolutely no way we can rank them. As any Escargot lover knows, taste is subjective. Therefore, the order of the escargot recipes below is completely random and does not suggest one is better than the other.

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1. Filipino Coconut Milk Snails (Ginataang Kohol)           

This recipe is from the Philippines, where they call snails: “kuhol”. It includes only 4 ingredients and takes only 10 minutes to prepare. The snails are simmered in the ingredient that is probably most identified with the Filipino cuisine, the coconut milk. The result is a creamy dish that is hard to pass on.

2. Escargot and Eggplant Salad with Soy Caramel Reduction

Most people either like eggplant or hate it. This recipe by Ricardo is creating an unusual salad that has very upscale features but still easy enough to make at home.

3. Mushroom and Snail Stew 

If you are looking for a high-end French recipe for Escargot, what is better than going directly to the source. This is French website mushroom and snails stew is will make you think you are in the middle of Paris in the autumn.

Escargot recipes from around the world available to download now!

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4. Escargot & Mascarpone Mezzalune          

Small cooking blogs are the best. When they are done right, they have the most unique ideas and capture the true nature of the chef. This recipe is a proof to that. Escargot ravioli recipe that was made with Gluten Free pasta, mascarpone and parmesan.

5. My Vietnamese Escargot Vongole   

Some recipes require fresh snails. Nowadays, this is not that difficult to find. When you buy them at the store, they are usually clean and ready to be cooked. This recipe is using canned escargot which is even easier to find. You can order them on Amazon, put them in the pantry and use when needed.

6. Cocotte Of Escargots, Bacon And Mushrooms    

A great recipe that is a treat to the mouth and to the eyes. The steps are explained in details with images that will make you droll in seconds.

7. Escargot Aioli Quiche          

This video will teach you how to make quiche of Escargot aioli. Although require some work, those will be great for any entertaining or gathering.

8. Escargots de Bourgogne

Probably the most famous Escargot recipe in the world. Very closely associated with the fine French cuisine. The recipe itself has core ingredients like butter (shocking), garlic and herbs. Not that difficult to prepare and the result is exquisite. 

9. Sous Vide Escargot  

Sous vide recipes are becoming all the rage lately. The ability to use precise temperature to get your food to where it needs to be had inspired a lot of people. It is only natural it will be used to cook a delicacy such as snails. Get the snails to the right temperature, add some finishing touches and that’s all.

10. Gratinated Escargots In Marble Potato

This is a great snail recipe by Thomas Wenger. The secret or the uniqueness of this recipe is in the way you present the food. Instead of serving the snails in an Escargot tray, you are serving them inside a potato. The result is a dish that fits any occasion.

11. Snails and Chorizo   

Creating a great dish sometimes involves combining two ends that normally would not meet. In this recipe we have the delicacy of the snail in one side and the spicy chorizo on the other side. What you get is unexpected explosion of taste in your mouth.

12. Escargot Recipe (Greek Snail Risotto)         

The Hungry Bites is one of my favorite food sites. In addition to its tasty recipes, it takes the time to explain the proper way to make the food and, in some cases, the origin of it. The Greek Snail Risotto is Mediterranean cuisine recipe that is beautifully photographed like many other recipes in that site. The colorful dish is very hard to resist.

13. Round Flat Bread topped with Snails and Garlic Butter

It is not surprising that snails go very well with garlic and butter. A clever recipe is turning this well-known fact, with most of the same ingredients into a version of pizza. The instructions are using a simple focaccia as a substitute for the pizza base.

14. Basque Style Snails

This is a Basque version of cooking snails. As you can expect, it has several different types of meat like ham, mince meat and chorizo. It is all cooked in the sauce that is identified with the Basque cooking, tomato sauce.

15. Escargot with Garlic-Parsley Butter          

The most traditional way of cooking snail is with garlic, parsley and butter. Needless to say, that the traditional way means, a LOT of garlic, a LOT of butter and a LOT of parsley. If this is your first time cooking and/or eating snails, you cannot go wrong with this recipe.

16. Sauteed Escargot With Lobster     

This short video will show you how to cook, or more accurately, sauté, escargot with lobster. This is a unique dish that might not be for anyone unless they are well familiar with the taste of snails and lobsters.

17. Escargot Montmartre         

It is not often you see recipes that require the use of Absinthe as an ingredient. As an alcoholic spirit that once was believed to cause delusions and hallucinations, it was kept away from most kitchens. This recipe is boldly using it with some other ingredients like mushrooms, dill, tarragon and garlic. Do you dare to try?

18. Keto Garlic Snails (Escargot)           

In a Ketogenic diet you provide the food with a lot of fat and much less carbohydrates. By doing so, you force the body to burn fats instead of burning carbohydrates. This take of the garlic snail recipe is using only five ingredients. The result is a dish with 24g of fat and only 2g of carbohydrates.

19. Peppered Snail Recipe        

Many places in Africa are great for snails to live in. The high humidity is good for the snails to grow and reproduce. Therefore, it is only logical that the snails will be a key ingredient in many African dishes and recipes. This recipe is very popular in Africa. The use of tomatoes and red hot peppers make the plate stand out with this strong red color.

20. Babbalucci (Sicilian Snail Stew)      

This is a recipe for a traditional Sicilian snail stew. The name of the recipe, Babbalucci, actually translate to “snail” in Sicilian slang. The recipe is described by Taylor Knapp, a chef from the US that couldn’t find fresh snails to buy in the US. So, he did the only logical thing to do in this case, start his own snail farm. His snail farm is called Peconic Escargot and they provide fresh snails all over the US.

21. Escargots Bourguignonne Pasta    

Clearly, Escargot Bourguignonne is on of the most famous snail recipe. But even the most famous dish deserves a refreshing take. In this cake, Andrew Zimmern is suggesting the use of pasta instead of bread, is elevating the entire dish. Try it and see what you think.

22. Snails, Sweet Garlic Cream And Vegetable Crisps  

This recipe is a contest to the senses. The amazing display of colors is catching up the aroma and flavor of the different tastes. In order to make this dish, the chef, Antonino Cannavacciuolo, is using the snail’s natural habitat and presents it beautifully on a plate.

23. Escargot Crisp          

The idea in this recipe is to create a sort of envelope to the snail. The “envelope” will be made with sheets of philo, which is a very thin and delicate pastry dough. The result should be crispy as well as delicate. Philo sheets are not easy to work with so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into.

24. Escargot Dumplings

When dumplings are done right, they are a true delight. A thin layer of dough wrapping all kinds of tastes inside. They can go in a soup ball or without. So if you take the shell away from the snail it is only logical that you will wrap it inside a dumpling. This recipe can guide you how to create a great appetizer.

25. Escargots with Shallot Mousse and Parsley Coulis          

High end recipe suitable only for experienced cooks. The recipe is taken from the cooking book “Crave” by Ludo Lefebvre. It explains how to prepare Escargots with Shallot Mousse and Parsley Coulis. A very different take than the usual garlic and butter.

26. Tagliatelle With Mushroom Escargot Cream Sauce

The only thing that can improve a good pasta cream sauce is escargot. This recipe is using Tagliatelle pasta with heavy cream, peas, canned escargot and some other basic ingredients to create mouth-watering dish.

27. Pasta Escargot          

This recipe is simply called Pasta Escargot and it only takes less than 20 minutes to prepare it. However, don’t let the simplicity fool you, it is completely possible to create a high level dish quickly by using the correct ingredients and method.

28. Snails In Hot Sauce  

Some people feel they must have some kind of hot sauce almost in every meal. I have to admit that I am probably one of those people. This is a great recipe for those who enjoy hot sauce but still want to feel the delicate texture of the snail and of course, the level of spiciness can be adjust to pallet of the people eating it.

29. Stuffed Snails Steamed with Lemongrass (Oc Nhoi Hap La Sa)      

This is one of the more complicated recipes that have snails in them. It requires a little more work then usual to stuff the snail. Therefore, most people will probably opt to prepare it for special occasion like a romantic dinner. It is part of the Vietnamese cuisine as you can clearly see by the use of the lemongrass.

30. Basil Risotto with Escargot 

This is a recipe from the Kitchen of LindySez. She believes that “Life is too short to eat mediocre food” and we cannot agree more. There are more simple recipes for snails out there if you are looking for one. But this one is truly another level of gourmet food you prepare at home. The steps are clearly detailed and easy to follow.

31. Garlic Escargots Broil          

This recipe takes around 10 minutes to prepare but there is nothing boring about it. The combination of melted gruyere and feta cheese, red wine, beef stock and the escargot, together with the fresh parsley makes this recipe a “cut and save” one.

32. Burgundy Snails (Escargots de Bourgogne)          

There is an old saying “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. I have no idea where this saying came from and why would anyone would look for even one way to remove the skin of a cat. But there is definitely more than one right way to cook a famous dish. This recipe is from Lee Chan’s World Food Tour on SBS Food. It is simple to follow and the result is great.

33. Escargots with Thai Basil-Curry Butter      

Instead of using the famous garlic butter for your escargot dish, try this basil curry spin. The recipe includes a mix of fresh herbs that are very strong in flavor like tarragon, Thai basil, mint and parsley. The lemon juice that is added to this herb salad will cause an explosion of taste in your mouth with every bite.

34. Pizzette d’Escargot (Snail Pizza)     

This is a very unique pizza recipe and not only because it has snails as one of its toppings. The dough is made from a whole grain flour with flaxseeds. The pizza sauce has white wine and goat milk in it. And the snails are cooked in white wine before they are added to the top of the pizza. A whole new take of a pizza night.

35. Escargot and Garlic Stuffed Tomato Tart

A great recipe for the more advanced chefs. Cherry tomatoes stuffed with snails that were cooked with garlic butter. They are then placed a puff pastry dough and baked. This is an upscale appetizer that will be that star of the evening in any small gathering. 

36. Chargrilled Escargots           

This is a recipe that has very strong roots to New Orleans. The snails are cooked over a charcoal grill. The author of the blog site, Genêt Hogan said she got the idea from The Andrew Jackson restaurant in the French Quarter. The idea beyond this recipe is that the snail’s shells will get the heat from the grill and will be added with smoky and charred flavor. Definitely worth trying!

37. Wild Mushrooms & Escargot in Puff Pastry with Bordelaise Sauce      

Sometimes when you are creating a recipe, you are interested in elevating the taste of the main ingredient by adding other ingredients with a similar taste. In this recipe, the earthy taste of the snails is multiplied by the use of not one but three different mushroom types. The mushrooms and the snails are sautéed together and then placed on a puff pastry. Some garnish and you got yourself a hell of a first course.

38. Escargots with Champagne

There is probably nothing that is more “French” than Escargot and Champagne. This recipe is attempting to combine the two French icons into one dish. There are only 6 ingredients other than those two which means you will most likely be able to taste the snails and the Champagne.

39. Deep-Fried Snails     

Who said that escargot should only be cooked or sauteed in butter? This recipe is challenging the complete idea of cooking snails in a delicate way. By wrapping the snails in bacon and throwing them in a deep fryer, it is changing this delicate appetizer to a street food.

40. Sautéed Water Snails    

A great YouTube channel with easy-to-follow recipes. In this video, the chef who calls herself KrazyKAT shows how to cook Periwinkle snails, which are smaller than the common escargot, with Thai flavors such as lemon grass, basil, kaffir lime and more. Other than the recipe, there are also some good tips on how to cook and eat snails.

41. Buttered Crumb Escargot In Wine   

An original cooking blog with even more original name. What’s Cooking Italian Style Cuisine was created by Claudia. She uploads and shares a lot of recipes that she learned from her Italian heritage. Recipes that were passed down over 100 years from generation to generation. The wine and butter are bursting the flavor of the snails and the added buttered breadcrumbs make it a true delight.

42. Creamy Escargot Soup        

Everybody loves a quick recipe. Especially the ones that requires very little effort and result in a savory dish that everyone finishes and asks for seconds. This creamy escargot soup is a great example for that. Takes about 25 minutes of preparation and can be done in a last minute.

43. Escargots Gratinés   

Another small blog with a unique way of doing (cooking) things. A great dish a escargot, a lot of butter and a lot of garlic. Top everything with a lot of cheese and you got yourself a winner here.

44. Stewed Snails

Looking for something different than snails in butter and garlic? Here is a recipe for snails in a stew. The snails are cooked in a spicy chorizo sausage tomato sauce boasting spices like cumin, cilantro, and plenty of pepper. The slow and long cooking time will mix all the spices and flavor together to one hot dish. Don’t forget the bread to dip into the sauce.

45. Burgundy Snail Pie   

With a puff pastry on the bottom and on the top, this unique pie will be a great addition to any meal. It is very easy to prepare, especially since you will probably use a store-bought puff pastry. Only 15 minutes of preparation and total time of 1 hour. 

46. Escargot and Pollock over Spinach Noodles        

A great way of combining snails from the land with fish from the ocean. A special recipe that is using spinach spaghetti pasta to create a colorful dish that is easy to make and pleasing for the eyes and for the mouth. Can work as quick lunch or main dish.

47. Escargots with Mushrooms and Tarragon Recipe           

This recipe is provided by Ric Brewer of Little Gray Farms. Ric has a unique story of his own on how he started with snail farming. Cooking and serving the snails with mushrooms is a good way to enhance the true taste of the snails.

48. Escargot Roquefort

This is a YouTube video by Whats4Chow that shows the recipe of Escargot Roquefort which is basically Snails with Blue Cheese on top of mashed potato. The result is a sizzling dish that will be hard to eat slowly. The salt from the blue cheese will make the snail taste stronger and better than any regular salt.

49.  Periwinkle Escargot with Sweet & Sour Tamarind Sauce (Ốc Xào Me)

If you had enough of the butter, garlic snail recipes and you are ready to try something else, why not take it to the sweet side. This Vietnamese recipe is using tamarind to get the snails extra sweetness taste that together with sour fish sauce will make you feel immediately like you are in Vietnam.  The site itself has one of the best food images out there and is definitely one to bookmark and go back to.

50. Escargots À La Bourguignonne For A Crowd        

This recipe might seem a little usual but its strength is by trying to make the famous French dish more accessible. Its title “8 ingredients and 10 minutes are all you need to make this classic French appetizer” is completely on point. Instructions are divided into 3 simple steps anyone can follow. Great for any first-time escargot cooker.

51. Spicy Korean Sea Snail Salad

Beyond Kimchee is another original cooking blog with a great name. In this recipe, it shows how to prepare a spicy Korean sea snail salad. It is often served with cold vermicelli noodles on the side and according to Holly, the creator of the blog, it can be a satisfying meal for lunch or dinner. Every step in this recipe is followed by a photo to help prepare this sophisticated dish.

52. Anthony Bourdain’s Escargots Recipe      

This recipe is not ground breaking or sophisticated in any way. It is very basic and easy to follow. It proves that you don’t need to go extreme lengths to make a great meal. No to mention that the recipe and the tips were written by the late Anthony Bourdain.

53. Snails in Marinara    

Much like the French has their Escargot in garlic butter and parsley, the Italians have the snails in the red tomato sauce. This recipe is using common ingredients to create a delightful marinara sauce. The canned snails are added to the sauce to be heated and eaten. Enjoy!

54. Escargots With Feta In Phyllo Pastry         

Phyllo pastry is used a lot in desserts but in this case, it is used for the appetizer or side dish. When your guests will receive it, they will not be able to tell what is inside it, adding the element of surprise to this dish. Make sure you follow the proper instruction for handling the phyllo pastry as it is very delicate.

55. Baked Escargot in Mushroom Caps           

A simple yet delicious recipe to combine the earthy taste of snails and mushrooms. It doesn’t take long to prepare it but its simplicity does not take away from its taste. This can easily be a family favorite even for those who do not go crazy over escargot.

56. Escargots & Mushrooms au beurre d’ail  

A different method of preparing snails with mushrooms for that earthy taste. The blog is called Haiti Bites and as the name implies, tries and often succeed to celebrate the Haitian food. This recipe was created by Sylvie the blog creator.

57. Spicy Tomato-Braised Snails with Mint (Lumache alla Romana)       

To my opinion, mint is a great ingredient that is not used enough in recipes. This recipe has another favorite ingredient of mine, the anchovy. I love using the extreme salty taste of the anchovies instead of using an actual salt. A great way to cook snails that are very light and refreshing.

58. Peperonata Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes and Sustainable Peconic Escargot

Peconic escargot are really making a name for themselves with the high quality fresh snails they provide. This recipe by Jennifer Bushman is using seaweed pasta, peppers, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives and a few more ingredients to create a colorful snails dish.

59. Bergamo’s Escargot In Gorgonzola           

A recipe from restaurant in Orlando called Bergamo’s Italian Restaurant. The dish is called Escargot in Gorgonzola Sauce. As you can expect from the name, it has a log of Gorgonzola cheese. Together with the beef broth, the red wine and the heavy cream, it makes a very savory dish.

60. Sautéed Escargots and Mushrooms in Butter, White Wine and Garlic

A friendly-looking cooking blog with lots of recipes. Organized in very unconventional way with categories like: Professional Portfolio, Food Revolution, Kids Can Cook, Try New Foods, Food & Travel, etc. Each recipe, including this one of escargot, mushrooms and white wine, is explained in details. The photographs that show the final dish and the steps have very authentic look to them.

61. Escargot in Parsley-Garlic Butter   

While this might not be the most innovating escargot recipe, given that it is escargot in parsley and garlic butter, the blog itself is worth visiting. It has TONS of different recipes that almost everyone can find what they are looking for.  According to the blog’s owner the reason for the different recipes is because it is not a single contributer, but rather a “collaboration of family members who love food, wine, cooking, eating, and everything in between”. And the reason for the unique name? check out the website.

62. Crusty Baguette Escargot Bites      

It is not often enough (at least to my opinion) that restaurants and chefs share their recipes for different popular dishes. This is not the case with “Café at Adele’s”, a popular café with a long legacy in Carson City, Nevada. This recipe is sharing their dish of crusty baguette escargot bites. The steps for this recipe are written very clearly and ignite the urge to get up and make it, or go their if you have the chance.

63. Escargot Linguini     

An interesting recipe for creating snails with pasta, Linguini in this case. The combination of the long thin Linguini stripes, the canned snails, the fresh tomatoes, herbs and wine is creating a simple, easy to make recipe that anyone can make at home and still get the flavor and quality of an upscale restaurant’s dish.

64. Escargots in Mushroom Caps with Garlic Butter 

There are quite a lot of recipes of escargot that are combing mushrooms and there is a good reason to it. As said earlier, the escargot and the mushrooms, each has very earthy flavor. Putting them together in the same dish creates very rich flavor. The cooking blog, Simply Stacie, is a very well-organized blog and website. In addition to the many cool recipes, it also has a lot of kitchen tips, free printables and other items to buy.

65. Monachelle in Umido – Snails in Sauce

Cooking with Nonna, as you can guess by the name, has very strong connection to the Italian roots of its owner, Rossella. This recipe is one of the snail recipes that is most identified with Italy, the Monachelle in Umido, snail in sauce. Very well presented and fairly easy to make. The website has a lot more to offer to anyone that is interested in Italian cooking.

66. Traditional Escargots Recipe with Red sauce       

This recipe, according to the blog’s author, is very popular and loved in Greece and Crete. As many other recipes from the Middle East, this one is also rich in color from the tomato sauce. The blog itself is written by a Greek person living in the UK, trying to preserve his family cooking via the blog.

67. Garden Snails in Bizkaína Sauce     

This recipe is rich with snails. Aiming for about a dozen of snails per person. The recipe is attempting to follow the Basques way of doing it and it is a two steps process. First you prepare the Sweet Pepper Sauce, Salsa Bizkaína in its original name. Then you use the sauce as one of the ingredients together with the snails.

68. Greek Snails With Tomato And Spinach   

This Greek snail recipe is presented by Karon Grieve from the Scottish countryside. The first thing that catches your eyes is that beautiful image of the snails in the pan with the tomato and spinach sauce. That picture looks so real and tasty you are in danger of eating your screen. In addition to her long list of recipes, Karon’s blog has a lot of useful information and tips. You can also find links to the many cooking books she published.

69. Peconic Escargot & Chorizo

This is a nice video recipe of dish from the restaurant M Wells in Long Island City, New York. The Chef, Hugue Dufour, explains how he prepares the dish of sautéing escargot with chorizo. He also provides some tips about cooking and choosing snails. The restaurant uses a fresh snails supplier that was mentioned here a few times already, Peconic. 

70. Escargots and chocolate milk

Cook Up A Story is a cute little cooking blog that takes a new and refreshing angle on cooking and eating. The creator of the blog, Sharon Rudnitski, created an imaginary host, a 12-years old boy named Vinny Grette, who enjoys eating and cooking. The stories and the recipes are approachable for both adults and children. You can read more about Vinny’s adventures in a 80-pages book with the same name of the blog. In case you are wondering, this recipe is for snails with goat cheese and they are not cooked with chocolate milk.

71. Escargot Recipe from France

The Foreign Fork is a cooking blog that takes its reader for a constant trip around the world. The blog creator, Alexandria, shares different recipes of different types of food from many different countries. In addition to recipes, she also has articles and videos about different technics, ingredients, spices and more. The Foreign Fork already got some deserved recognition and worth following. This French recipe for escargot is so well detailed and photographed, you can practically smell Paris.

72. Escargots Persillade en Brioche

Escargot persillade is the French way to say snails in parsley and garlic, which is one of the most popular ways to cook snails. In this recipe the cooked snails are gently placed over delicate pieces of brioche. The result is a true French delicacy. Interesting as much as this recipe, is the blog it is in. This blog, Dinning At Disney, is dedicated to the food available in the different Disney parks and resorts. If you are a Disney fan, you would want to check out that site and their podcast.

73. Baked Rosemary Escargot Recipe

This website is perfect to Asian food lovers as it makes the readers familiar with Asian cooking that is less known than Thai or Chinese. Due to Indonesia location and the mixture of culture in the country, the Indonesian cuisine is a mixture of many flavors, colors and taste. This recipe is a twist on the French escargot that includes rosemary and sage to create a different kind of dish.

74. Escargot Stuffed Mushrooms

The Tasting Page is a food blog that aims to help people achieve balance in their life. The goal is reached by making a difference in the way one’s think, relax and of course, eat. Kelly, a certified transformational health coach, share her own story and provide nutritious recipes to home cooked meals, like this one of mushrooms stuffed with canned snails.

75. How To Cook Escargot

This cooking blog is sharing the owner’s, Jennifer, love for cooking as you can easily guess by the name of the site, I Am Addicted To Cooking. This web page is actually describing 6 different popular methods to prepare escargot. Aiming to help people who are new to cooking snails.

76. Escargot Keto Recipe

Hard to think of someone who never heard about the Keto diet. The high fat, low carb diet that took over the world by a storm, gaining millions of fans in record time. This blog is devoted to this diet. Offering recipes, meal plans, cookbooks and an app. This recipe is very easy to make as a large part of it is the butter. Hard to resist.

77. Creamy Spinach, Artichoke, and Escargot dip

Recipes for escargot dish comes in many ways and forms. They can be included in an appetizer or a main dish. However, it is not as common to see an escargot dip. This lovely recipe is turning it around with mouthwatering images that will make you run to the store to pick up everything you need to make it. Mayonnaise, cheese, artichokes, spinach and snails. Served with French Bread crostini. How can you go wrong?

78. Bucatini with Snails, Guanciale and Anchovies

The House of Caviar and Fine Foods is a supplier of restaurants, 5 stars hotels and other fine gourmet shops for several decades. You can buy high quality ingredients directly from their website, where they also offer cooking tips, reviews and recipes. In this recipe, they are showing an interesting dish of snails, cooked with guanciale and anchovies with a total making time of 45 minutes.

79. Classic Escargots in Puff Pastry with Parsley Lemon Garlic Butter

When you think about Texan food you probably image steak houses, barbeque pits and grills. It is hard to imagine a connection between this southern state and French cooking. However, this escargot recipe in puff pastry was featured in one of the Texas Monthly editions, back in 2009. While require several steps, the result is a delicate dish that works well as an appetizer to any meal.

80. Escargot In A Brandy Cream Sauce

Noshing with The Nolands is a nice family food blog that offer many recipes, ebooks, how-to and more. It is operated by a mother, father and daughter with their cat and two dogs. This recipe is quite unique in the way it creates the sauce for the escargot from brandy and heavy cream.

81. Spicy Snails with Herbs

Spanish Recipes by Nuria is food and cooking blog made by someone who calls herself an amateur. However, everything about the website looks professional. From the design and layout of the website to the images of the dishes to the content. The reason that this is more than a cooking blog is because it has many amazing articles about places in Barcelona and its surrounding in a section called “Gastrotours”. One look of the image of the spicy snails with herbs will make you run to the local fresh produce market for grocery shopping.

82. Homemade Escargot Dish

The blog, Cook Savor Celebrate is written and maintained by Tim. As someone who traveled a lot during his corporate career, he found his passion in food. He did what everyone who finds his passion needs to do and follow it. He is now creating different dishes for his family and friends and share the experience and recipes on his blog. His escargot dish recipe is simple to follow but still creates a very good French appetizer for any meal.

83. Crunchy Peppered Snail

This is a great and colorful snail dish for beginners and for anyone who would like to mix up some of his/her regular escargot recipe. It has a step-by-step picture for how to prepare the dish as well as to how to prepare the snails and remove them from their slime and smell. The tomatoes and peppers add a lot of color to the dish and the curry add a unique flavor.

84. Aphrodisiacs and Peppered Snails

A lovely blog by Nma. A Nigerian woman who has a great way of presenting recipes and stories that help the recipes come to life in a unique way. This Nigerian recipe has a lot of kick to it with the use of 3 habanero peppers. Be sure you able to tolerate such heat before you attempt to follow this recipe.

85. Spicy Sea Snail Recipe

A YouTube channel named “Try This by Danielle” that presents unconventional recipes like “Lotus salad”, “Jiggly Japanese Chocolate Almond Sponge Cake” and others. In this video, the host is showing how to cook a spicy sea snail recipe that does not require too much effort and result in a terrific dish that is suitable for any occasion.


86. Spicy Korean Sea snail salad

The first thing you notice about this recipe is the image of the dish. It is absolutely gorgeous! The combination of the strong colors in the middle of the dish with the dark plate and the noodles immediately catches the eye and ignite the desire to eat. This well-crafted blog is written by a Korean couple that set their mind on creating real Korean dishes more accessible.

87. Snails with Spicy Tomato Sauce

Most of what you need to learn about the blog “(A) Foodie with Suitcase” you can learn by the few words the owner shared about herself which you can summarize to “Born and raised in Italy, living in Dubai”. The recipe is for one of the traditional Italian, snails in tomato sauce. It doesn’t require much but the result is delicious.

88. Apple Snails in Coconut Milk (Ginataang Kuhol)

In the Philippines, this dish can be served as an appetizer or as a main dish together with some rice. The combination of coconut milk and the chili peppers create a contrast and a lot of flavor in every bit. The level of spiciness can be adjusted with less or more chili to fit the pallet of the people eating the dish. Check out the other recipes in Panlasang Pinoy for more Filipino Recipes.

89. Chinese Stir-fried River Snails

This recipe is one of the well-known street food options available in China. The soup (or sauce) is comforting while the snails are sort of a snack. The recipe include some spices with really strong flavor like aniseed, ginger, oyster sauce, cinnamon, garlic and bay leaf to create sort of an explosion of flavors in every bite.

90. Spicy Whelks with Noodles

Maangchi is a very famous YouTube influencer. How famous? Her YouTube channel has close to 6 million subscribers. One of the reasons she is so famous is due to her early start. She posted her first Korean video recipe on the social media platform on 2007! However, the main reason for her popularity is the amazing, original content she shares on her channel. This video shows how to prepare a beautiful whelks dish with noodles. If you are not familiar with her channel already, be sure to check it out!

91. Escargots In A Pastry Dome

Chef Emeril Lagasse is a well-known chef with many years of experience, dozens of rewards going back to 1998 when he was chosen as “Chef of the Year” by GQ magazine. Chef Emeril also has close to a dozen of restaurants. In this recipe, the chef explains how to prepare an appetizer of snails in a pastry dome.

92. Snails Cooked in Ginger, Lemongrass and Chili

The blog Authentic World Food is, as its name suggests, as authentic about world food as it gets. It is written by a “surf girl” who travel all over the world to exotic countries like Sri Lanka, Senegal, Indonesia and more. Along her travels, she connects with the locals, learning about their food and filming the way its being prepare. More often than not, you will see in the videos she shares, people cooking in something that doesn’t look like a kitchen. Especially not a modern type of a kitchen.

93. Escargot Forestiere

Who doesn’t like a quick recipe that produce a restaurant level dish? And who is better in creating a quick recipe than a busy mom of young children? Karlynn, the owner of the blog, decided to make the quick, fresh meal for her family the center of this blog. The result is something that almost anyone can relate to.  

94. Periwinkles (sea snails) with dipping sauce – hoy jim jeow

Padaek is a Lao-Australian food blog with a focus on Lao cuisine. The name of the website, Padaek, comes from the traditional Lao fermented fish sauce. You can read the recipe for it here as well. Given the unique cuisine, you will find very interesting meal options here. In addition, if you are not up much for cooking, you will find some Lao restaurants options.

95. Snails Stuffed With Pork – Ốc Bươu Nhồi Thịt

First, in order to stuff snails with anything, you need to be using the larger snails. This recipe suggest using snail known in the Asian markets as Ốc bươu but almost any snail will work as long as it is large enough. This recipe and blog is written by Helen. She has been sharing Vietnamese recipes on different social medias since 2011.

96. Cha Oc Recipe Vietnamese Ham & Periwinkle

There are quite a lot of Vietnamese recipes that have snails in them. But even among those, this recipe stands out. This recipe will teach you how to create sausage-like roll that has pork, periwinkle snail, lemongrass and kaffir lime. While not everyone has the tools or equipment needed to give this recipe a try, they are not difficult to get. The blog has a lot of interesting recipes and it is operated by Hong and Kim, Vietnamese-American couple from Los Angeles.

97. Smoked Escargot In A Wine, Garlic, Shallots And Butter Sauce

You tried them with garlic, with butter, in a soup or with a sauce. If you are calling yourself an escargot lover, did you try them smoked already? While not the obvious choice for cooking and preparing snails, they are definitely a “taste carrier”. Watch this video recipe to learn a great way of making your first smoked escargot.

98. Vietnamese Snail Rice Noodle Soup Recipe

Even experienced home cooks who prepare their fresh meals several times each week tends to stay away from making noodle soup at home. The reason is clear. Although you can get quickly hooked on the sweet, bitter, sour, spicy hot taste, they are not easy to make. The list of ingredients for most noodle soups is very long, usually above 15 different items. Moreover, some of the items, you do not regularly keep in your pantry in most western kitchens. If you are not discouraged, take a look on this recipe. One of Hanoi’s common street food. The result is a treat for the mouth and the eyes.

99. Ginger Lemongrass Snails With Chiles (oc Luoc)

There aren’t many food blogs sites that are owned and operated by a professional photographer. This is one of the places where Hungry Wanderlust is different. The recipes are written and photographed by Zoe Nguyen-Patalano, a mother, photographer, traveler, foodie. Her beautiful website has a lot of amazing recipes, well written and photographed (she takes pictures for a living, remember?). Her recipe for Oc Luoc only takes 10 minutes to prepare and fairly easy to follow.

100. Escargot with Garlic Butter and Splash of Cognac

Steamy Kitchen is own and run by Jaden, a television chef who also wrote 2 best-selling cookbooks. In addition to her successful blog, she also has a YouTube channel with millions of views. She has been featured on many books, websites, tv shows and radio programs. This recipe is similar to the famous garlic butter but with a twist of Cognac. According to the recipe, making this dish shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.

101. How To Make Snail Spring Roll – (Ram Ốc)

The first thing you will like about this food blog is its name: Do What You Love. Is there a better moto to life than this? Probably the second thing you will notice immediately is its clean design and wealth of images. Each recipe has dozens of images showing each step and a high-quality video to show the entire process. Most recipes are for Vietnamese food but they vary a lot from salads to drinks, deserts, main dishes and other culinary and dietary tips. Tu, the blogger of this site, present this recipe as “extremely easy to cook” and the result is delicious and beautiful as you can easily see.

Comments, feedback and suggestion are welcome. Reach us at info@escargot-world.com or via the contact page.

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