Dean Marlowe

Dean is a veterinarian specialized in molluscs , with over 12 years of experience working with a variety of species. He is Escargot World "secret agent" in the UK, creating content about the life of snails and snail farming in the UK.

Milk Snail: The Complete Guide

milk snail Otala Lactea

An edible land snail with a consumable name, the air-breathing milk snail looks harmless but could very well be a serious pest where you live. This adaptable species of gastropod is the second most eaten one around the world, but how easy it is to take care of? Let’s find out. Milk Snail aka Otala …

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Snails Anatomy

Snails Anatomy

Many people are surprised to learn that snail’s anatomy has parts that are similar to humans. After all, snails and humans are so different. It might be even hard to think of an animal that is more different than us. They are slimy, fragile, small and slow. While we are relatively strong, adaptable and fast …

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What Do Snails Eat?

what do snails eat

What a snail will eat depends mostly on the type of the snail and where they live. There are thousands of different species of snails in the world. Key Takeaways Most of the snails, whether they are land snails or other, are herbivorous. This means they will only eat plants, vegetables, fruits, etc. Most people …

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