Requirements for Snail Farming

many snails

There are several requirements associated with starting a snail farming business. Some of those requirements are similar to open any other kind of business and others are unique to heliciculture.

In a high level, you can split those requirements to two main categories, business related requirements and farming related ones. Each one of those, obviously contains subset or requirements.

Key Takeaways

  • From a business perspective you need to know your local regulations, have a business plan and permits
  • From a operational perspective you need to decide your farming type, have the right humidity level and soil, prepare food and protect from predators
  • And finally, get snails

We will define the requirements in this category as the requirements that are need to start and maintain the business but are not directly related to the day to day operation of the actual farming.

Rules and Regulations Requirements

In many cases, starting the business is the first logical place. In some cases, it makes even more sense to start with a solid business plan. But when it comes to snail farming, the right place to start is by checking your country or state rule and regulation regarding farming snails. Many countries and states impose difficulties on starting such kind of business simply because of the invasive nature of snails and the affect it can have on the environment.

Business plan for success

To find if you can follow your dream or not, start by a visit to the department of agriculture website of the country or state in which you are thinking to open your farm. Make sure you follow everything to the letter. You do not want to have your new business shut down and face fines and penalties.

Solid Business Plan

A business plan is not enough. Make sure your have a solid business plan. The kind of plan where you ask yourself all possible questions and go over every possible scenario. Although snail farming will not require the same capital as other livestock, you need to be prepared to avoid confusion or stress.

Make sure you know your growth projections, your marketing strategy, effort estimations and everything else that you can think of. There are many websites online that can help you build a high quality business plan. We recommend using LawDepot. They even have farming related business plans and hundreds of legal documents. Click here to get %10 discount on your order.


After you made sure you are allowed to do what you want to do, and you prepared a business plan that showed you will be able to make money, go ahead and prepare your permits.

Those permits should allow you to execute your plan and run the business the way you want. Each country or state will require different permits so make sure you are align with the local requirements.

Those requirements are what you will actually need and use in your snail farm. Obviously, the success of your business is dependent on many factors. But generally speaking, there isn’t that many things you are going to require in order to find some level of success.

Farming Type

The first thing to decide is on your farming or housing type. This decision will dictate some other requirements. For example, if you decide on a greenhouse like farming, you will have more control on the weather and humidity.

Other types of farming will make you consider other elements like predators protections, etc.

Snail farm in Malta

Humidity (or Weather in General)

Snails enjoy high humidity and if you want your farm to succeed and prosper, you need to have the right amount of humidity. The right amount of humidity is usually high so depends on where you are, you might need to make proper adjustments.

Controlling the humidity and temperature in a closed environment is obviously much easier than in an open field.


The soil in your farm MUST be free of pesticides. Pesticides can hurt your snails in many different way so you need to thoroughly test the soil to see that it is good.

It is also important to have land that is rich with nutrients, especially calcium. Snails’ shell is mostly made of calcium and it is important to their development and growth.


By now, you shouldn’t be surprised that your livestock will need food to eat and grow. Naturally, snails eat much less than cows or sheep.

The feeding process will also derive from the type of farming you use. Field farming will allow you to grow plans that will be used as food for the snails. Closed farm will force you to feed them at least every couple of days.

Predators Protection

Make sure you investment is protected. Snails are a treat for many kind of animal that will gladly devour your farm.

It could be snakes, lizards, birds, eagles and many other animals so take the appropriate measurements.


The last thing you will require in your snail farm is: snails.

Yes, this is the last thing and not the first. Because once you took care of all the above requirements, you can put snails in your farms and they will pretty much take care of themselves.

Snails do not requirement a lot of supervision. They will reproduce and multiply in a fast rate make your farm size increase in both size and revenue.

You will need to make a decision regarding this requirement. You will need to choose the species of snails you want to farm.

Depending on your location, those can be Helix aspersa, garden snails, African snails or others.

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