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where to buy pet snails

If you’re interested in having a low-maintenance pet, snails are your best bet. They are easy to care for and engage with each other, so they require little human interaction. There are quite a few options to where to buy your pet snails. If you are looking to learn more about them read our ultimate guide to having snails as pets.

The great thing about pet snails is that they are very easy to care for. These little creatures are not expensive to maintain – one can even get a starter pack of three pet snails for under $40 in physical stores. If you’re on a budget, it’s always best to buy from an online seller because of their competitive prices.

Land Snail vs. Saltwater Snail vs. Freshwater Snail

There are basically three types of snails you can get as pet.

  • Land snail
  • Saltwater snail
  • Freshwater snail

The decision which one to get should be based on your level of experience and the amount of time you are willing to put into taking care of your new companion. Obviously, there are pros and cons for each type.

Land snails are probably the easiest to handle as they only require a dry terrarium with some food and other items.

Next would be the freshwater snails. They require a little more attention than the land snails. You need to pay attention to the temperature of the water and its quality.

Saltwater snails, like Turbo Snail, are very popular but require most attention. You probably don’t have a tap of saltwater in your home so it is a little more complicated to maintain it. However in most cases, it’s worth the effort.

Where to Purchase Pet Snails?

Snails are popular pets lately, but It can be hard to find a good source to buy them from. To help you with your search, here’s a directory of places that sell snails for pets.

Buy Pet Snails from Physical Stores


Since 1969, Walmart has been stocking up its stores with different items. Aside from food and clothes, the multinational corporation also has pet snails. Most physical stores that have pet snails for sale have aquatic ones.

  • Pro: With more than 5,000 locations around the US, you can find a Walmart anywhere. You can easily get a pet snail anytime you want.
  • Con: The main concern of pet snail enthusiasts with Walmart is availability. Due to its popularity and accessibility, the snails are always out of stock.


PetSmart has been one of the hallmarks of pet supplies in the US. It’s the equivalent of Walmart but for pets.

  • Pro: The super pet store has a variety of pet snails available in most of its branches. The most common snail in their stores is the mystery snail. All their snails have the same price and can be purchased through installments.
  • Con: there’s no quality control when it comes to the snails’ maintenance. Some snails bought are riddled with parasites or are very unhealthy.


Other than pet accessories and puppy food, Petco also has different pet snails for sale.

  • Pro: Unlike PetSmart, Petco has different kinds of snails. You can have a Nassarius Snail or even a Gold Inca Snail.
  • Con: the prices are slightly higher than PetSmart and Walmart, but it’s still lower than most online stores.

Buy Pet Snails from Online Stores


You can find different things on this e-commerce platform, and pet snails are one of them. Stores like Aquatic Arts have different kinds of aquatic and land snails.

  • Pro: You have more options to choose from. You can also see more photos of the snails.
  • Con: The prices are higher than physical stores but not high enough to break your wallet. However, you still need to think about the shipping fee.


You can find people who breed (or rescue) snails and sell them as pets. The selection can be offered by individuals or stores that utilize this platform.

  • Pro: The upside of getting pet snails from breeders is the quality. You know that the snails are of the highest quality.
  • Con: Expect the prices to be a bit higher. Although some sellers have promos or sell in bulk, the prices are not friendly.

My Happy Snails

The online store has a selection of land snails and starter kits for those new to owning a pet snail.

  • Pro: They have exotic pet snails, and they also have bundle sets. The online store also has gigantic snails.
  • Con: As they’re selling exotic varieties, the prices are higher.

    Visit My Happy Snails website

Collective Creatures

The UK-based online store has different types of land snails. It breeds different kinds of land snails and other creatures like isopods and millipedes.

  • Pro: They have different kinds of land snails, even some from Sri Lanka and Brazil. Moreover, as it is from another country, shipping is well taken care of. It has a 60-hour heat pack & extra styrofoam for cold weather.
  • Con: Even though the prices for the pet snails for sale are reasonable, you’ll might shocked by the shipping fee. Unfortunately, the online store only caters to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

    Visit Collective Creatures website

Snails 4 You

Another UK-based store with a selection of land snails.

Land Snails

Land Snails has a very diverse collection of land snails for sale. There are also pet snails for sale in varying sizes.

  • Pro: Right off the bat, its main advantage is availability. Most online sellers are breeders and have snail farms, so a stream of snails is readily available.
  • Con: The major downfall is the price. Different sellers have different offers.

    Visit Land Snails website

Micro Aquatic Shop

Micro Aquatic Shop, a Sydney-based company, offers diverse aquatic snails in various sizes and vibrant colors. Their number one best-selling is the Nerite snail.

  • Pro: There is a great selection of colorful freshwater aquarium snails that come with different patterns.
  • Con: Some of these extraordinary snails are quite expensive and are almost always sold out.

    Visit Micro Aquatic Shop website

Nature Aquariums & Watergardens

Nature Aquariums & Watergardens is Australia’s largest and cheapest aquarium superstore.

  • Pro: The prices are fair and affordable.
  • Con: There are only about six types of snails available in their shop.

    Visit website

Nano Tanks Australia

Nano Tanks Australia has made a name for themselves in the discus market. With their team-focused niche of Bettas, Nano Fish, Shrimps, and Aquascaping, they are one of the most dominant players there!

  • Pro: They have over 10 years of shipping live fish with safe practices. They’ve evolved their shipping to make sure your delivery is not only safe but is delivered quickly.
  • Con: Unfortunately, right now, they only have limited freshwater snails available in their shop.

    Visit Nano Tanks Australia website

How Much is a Pet Snail?

If you’ve decided to keep a pet snail, the next thing to consider is your budget. Physical stores like PetSmart have snails that cost around $3 to $7. On the other hand, online stores have a much higher price range. Some stores have cheaper ones under $10, but some can go high up to $50. You also need to consider the fee for the deliveries.

Factors When Buying a Pet Snail

Other than picking which store you’re buying your pet snail from, it would help if you considered some factors.

1. Legality

There are certain laws placed for pet snails or snails in general. For example, the African giant snail (GAS) is illegal in the United States, as stated by the Department of Agriculture. The particular kind is highly invasive and harmful to crops.

However, the USDA can allow anyone to have pet snails as long as you have a permit issued by them. The permit includes the interstate travel of the snail. You can also check your state’s laws regarding snails to avoid any trouble.

2. Budget

Aside from the price for a pet snail, it would be best to consider the cost of raising one. Although snails are low-maintenance, you still need to buy them snail food, a place to live, and other necessities.

3. Zoonotic Concerns

Snails can shelter parasites and diseases that can infect people. Although most stores keep a tight grip on the health of live snails, you should still be extra careful when buying and handling them.

As a precaution, wash your hands before and after handling your pet snail. Also, under no circumstances should you kiss a snail and let your children put it in their mouths.

4. Seller Reputation

Most stores have reviews posted on their website. Better check them out before ordering your pet snail. You may also check online forums like Reddit for useful information.


Not knowing where to buy pet snails can be some source of frustration. All in all, online stores are better than physical ones when getting a pet snail. Although the prices are a bit over the odds, you’re sure that you’ll be receiving pet snails of high quality.

More information is available in our Pet Snail eBook.

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