Kevin Brighton

Kevin is one of the co-founders of Escargot World. Kevin took an interested with small animals and pets ever since he was a little kid growing up in Boston MA. Although his life took him on a technology path with an engineering degree, Kevin always found ways to pursue his passion and love for snails. So, Escargot World was born.

Can Snails Breathe Underwater?

Can snails breathe underwater

You’re probably already aware but there are different types of snail — sea snails, freshwater snails, and land snails. Sea snails and freshwater snails, as the name suggests, both live in water either all or most of the time, and they can breathe underwater. Land snails, on the other hand, live on land. But that’s …

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How Fast Do Snails Move?

Not a real turbo snail

We all know that snail travel is really, really slow, but are they really the slowest creature on our planet? And if they aren’t, what is? If you’ve ever wondered, how fast can snails move?, I’ve got all the juicy details — and some of them might just surprise you!   How Fast Can Snails …

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How Long Do Snails Sleep?

Snail on a branch with a moon in the background

Snails are amazing animals and great pets. While here we focus on their sleeping habits, you might want to check out other important facts about them, like their anatomy or mating process. Do Snails Need Sleep? Sleep is important to most animals the same way it is important to humans. It is the time the …

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What Eats Snails?

ant and beetle eating snail

Snails have high nutrition value. So while human eats snails (typically known as escargot), they have other predators that eat snails as part of their normal eating diet. Unfortunately, in most cases, their shell isn’t strong enough to protect them. What eats snails depends on the type of snail and its location. Different types of …

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The Un-Elephant Elephant Snail

Orange elephant snail

Despite what you may think, elephant snails do not have huge ears. Nor do they have tusks, or a massive trunk. In fact, these gastropods look nothing like the land mammal, which makes you ponder about the name, doesn’t it? Despite the slight Dumbo-disappointment, elephant snails sure are a fascinating species, found in many a …

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