Snails Information

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There is a lot to know about snails. While many researches have been done over the years already, there is still quite a lot that is unknown.

On top of that, there are myths about snails that contradict the common logic. Surprisingly, some of them are even true!

What Do Snails Eat?

If you saw a snail in your backyard, you probably thought they eat only plants and grass. However, snails can eat many things, including other animals or even their own kind.

How Long Do Snails Sleep?

We use to think of sleep as something you do during the night. Humans do it, other animals do it. But snails have a completely different type of sleep. They have a long period of time where they are awake, and another period of time where they sleep on and off.

Snails Anatomy

Most people know that snails have shells. That is one key part of their characteristics. Most people, however, don’t know that snails have lungs, hearts and other body parts same as us.

How Do Snails Reproduce?

Snails mating process is one of the most amazing wonders of natures. They can reproduce each other at the same time. Lay hundred of eggs each time and even shoot each other with “love dart” in the courting process.

Where Do Snails Live?

Snails live all over the world. They are able to survive extreme hot or cold conditions, land, saltwater and freshwater. Most of them, were even able to adapt to different habitat when people start moving them all over the world as part of exotic pet trade.

Snail Life Cycle

Most snails types hatch from eggs and within 1 to 2 years will become adults that are able to mate and product their own babies. See their amazing life cycle.

Poisonous Snails

The cute little snail you found in your backyard is probably harmless. Even the large African snails will not harm you (unless you will try to eat it raw). But deep in the sea, there is the cone snail, one of nature’s deadliest animal.

Can Snails Breathe Underwater?

Land snails have lungs they use to breathe air. Can they breathe underwater? Can they drown? What about water snails? How do they breathe?

How Fast Do Snails Move?

Here is fun little fact, snails move slow. Everybody knows that. How fast is slow? There are types of snails that move slower or faster than others.

What Eats Snails?

They are moving slow but they still have this shell for defense. What eats snails in the nature? You would be surprised!

Slug vs Snail

What is the difference between those to animals that share the same class? While snails and slugs have a lot of similar features, there are still differences that make them unique.

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