Snail Soap Dispenser Review- The Cutest Addition to your Daily Hygiene 

Brown Snail Soap Dispenser

This snail soap dispenser is probably the cutest thing you can have next to your bathroom sink. The spread of COVID-19 has reminded us all about the importance of maintaining good hygiene. Keeping your hands clean is important regardless of the pandemic of recent years. Believe it or not, this dispenser can actually help you with that.


  • Inexpensive, simple design but very cute nonetheless
  • Attractive to kids and encourage them to wash hands
  • Contains around 4oz of liquid soap
  • Available in 3 different colors – most popular is brown
  • Very high satisfaction rating – over 94%

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Snail Soap Dispenser Details

This liquid soap dispenser is made from high quality plastic in a snail shape. I purchased mine from Amazon. There are several sellers selling it. Most of them look the same or at least similar. Price range is around $10. You can see the specific one I bought here

What comes in the box

There is nothing fancy about this snail soap dispenser but that’s not to say anything negative. Its design is simple but with nice lines and a very decorative look. The box I got also had a cute hole that shows the color of the snail. The hole was shaped as a snail which I thought was a nice touch. 

Soap Dispenser in a box

You basically see two parts, the white snail body and the snail shell which can come in different colors, mine was brown. However there are other pieces that are responsible for moving the liquid soap to come out of the snail’s mouth. 

Size and volume

Overall, I really think the dispenser has a good size to it. Not too big, not too small. 

The actual dimensions are: 

Height: 6.9” 
Length: 4.3”
Width: 2.8”

It can contain around 4oz of liquid soap.

Available colors

There are several colors to choose from. Some sellers sell colors others don’t, like blue, pink etc. 

The absolute most popular is brown as you can see in the chart below.

How many of which color snail soap dispenser people buy

How to use

You don’t really need to be a rocket scientist to understand how this snail soap dispenser works. Basically, you push the snail shell down and the soap comes out from its mouth. 

If you washed your hands with a dispenser before, you will be fine. 

How to fill the dispenser

Filling the dispenser with the liquid soap is also very simple and doesn’t require any special instructions. You simply lift up the snail shell, then the pump and pour the liquid in. 

Filling soap in snail shaped dispenser

Types of soap you can use. 

We live in a world with many options. The same goes to choices in liquid soap. The snail soap dispenser can work with many types of liquid soap like: hand soap, shower gel, shapmo, conditioner, dish soap, etc. 

However, keep in mind that it will not work with foaming soap as this type requires a special pump. 

How to clean

If you are one of those people who insist on cleaning their soap dispenser, you would be happy to know that it will be very simple to do. You can wash the entire dispenser with warm water and it will be good as new.


This snail liquid soap dispenser is one of those rare popular items that are popular for a good reason. It is simple yet super cute and serves its purpose at a very reasonable inexpensive price.

It’s a great item to put in a guest bathroom if you have one. It will serve as a soap dispenser and a decorative item in one. Most common thing you will hear from your guests is “I love your bathroom snail”. 

using the soap dispenser

Kids love it. They will run to wash their hands before dinner. Some will name it. We named our snail “Snaily”.

It is great as a gift for housewarming, Christmas or anything like that. 

In addition, some people enjoyed creating their own unique snail. Some spray painted in gold or metallic purple to create a unique look.

What are you waiting for, get one today

Snail Soap Dispenser

Cute soap dispenser in a shape of a snail. Easy to use and kids friendly.


Product Brand: Generic

Editor's Rating:


  • Encourage kids to wash hands
  • Easy to use and fill
  • Nice design
  • Portable


  • Feels a little on the light side
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