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Snail Festivals – Escargot Festivals

Escargot festivals can be found all around the world, and they are a very delicious experience, especially for snail lovers! They mainly focus on promoting escargots as a culinary delight and selling other snail products. It is a place for escargot entrepreneurs to spread the word about their business and bring back the reputation and popularity escargots once enjoyed.  It is also a great way of attracting visitors and tourists to the area. We wanted to create a list of the most popular snail festivals around the world so that you can find the nearest festival and make the trip!


Fête de l’Escargot in Osenbach, Alsace, France – April

‘Festival do Caracol’ in Querença,  Portugal –  May

Castro Marim’s International Festival of the Snail in Castro Marim, Portugal – May

Fête de l’Escargot in Bertric-Buree, France – May

Lumas Festival in Cluis, France – 1 May

Snail Festival (The Aplec del Caragol) in Lleida, Spain – May

La Fête des Lumas in Mareuil-sur-Cher, France – July

Fête de l’escargot à Digoin in Digoin, France – August

Snail Festival in Vlaheronitisa, Chania, Crete – first Saturday in August

International festival of Snails in the kitchen (Festival delle Lumaca in cucina) in Cherasco, Italy – September/October

The Vienna Escargot Festival in Vienna, Austria – September/October

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snail festival

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