Snail Bite – What to Do? How to Treat?

Snail trying to bite human hand

If you want to know if snails can bite, you will need to know that the answer has two parts. The first part is scary. The second, not as much.

Snails do and can bite. Worse than that, they have thousands of tiny teeth. However, for us and for many other other animals, the snail bite will be mostly unfelt. The reason is that snail’s mouth doesn’t have the force required to cause damage to our skin.

Dangerous Snail Bites

Is there any danger in snail bite? The answer to that is mostly no. While snails can host parasites, their attempt to bite will not cause harm.

In addition, out of the 40,000 species of snails, the only poisonous snail is the cone snail.

You should feel safe holding a snail as pet. If it tries to bite you, it is probably hungry and trying to check whether you are any kind of food source.

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