International festival of snail breeders

International Festival of Snail Breeding

The festival is organised yearly at The Worldwide Institute of Snail Breeding in Cherasco, Italy. This is the biggest Italian and European event on full cycle Helix ground snails’ breeding, and this year it is happening from 23rd to 26th September 2016.

Ideal for snail lovers, snail farmers, young entrepreneurs, individuals seeking knowledge and training on this specific farming sector. A truly great place for business owners seeking information on innovation, trends, new ideas and specialist knowledge.

International festival of snail breeders
Photo courtesy by Istituto Internazionale Di Elicicoltura

Usually the festival encompasses of four days of meetings, conventions, exhibitions and gastronomy about edible snails. There is also the “Snails in Cuisine Festival”, the mollusk’s gastronomy presented in the town’s many restaurants and at the Festival pavilion, which is set to serve 1,000 plates per day. During the event the farmers, technicians, the experts, commercial operators, cooking lovers and tourists gather in search for new flavors and knowledge. Mostly the snail breeders that come to Cherasco are the ones who use the Italian production method, which is carried out in natural conditions, only with plant food and without concentrated food supplements.

Read about the festival here.

Imagine all those delicious escargots together with beautiful Italian weather and their warm hospitality, and you will not let this event go by! Those hungry to further develop and improve their snail business will get a ton of inspiration.

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