How to Become a Snail Farmer in 2020

how to set up a snail farm

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Becoming a snail farmer in 2020 is a good idea. According to market research the snail farming business niche is highly profitable and it’s also very low risk.

Eating escargots is gaining popularity as you can see by the many Snail Festivals happening all around the world. These events are perfect for all snail lovers, snail farmers, gourmet foodies, chefs and restaurants.

Snail farming is becoming very popular and we’ve collected stories of farmers from all over the world. Their experience of starting up their snail farm will inspire you.

Greece Snail Farm – Snail Farm Agrofarma

Snail Farm in Turkey – Snail Farm Helixturca

Snail Farm in Lebanon – Snail Farm Helix Lebanon

Snail Farm in the USA – Snail Farm Little Gray Farms

Snail Farm in the UK – Somerset Escargot

Snail Farm in South Africa – Stanley’s Snails

France Snail Farm – Snail Farm Montvendre

If you would like to start a snail farming business make sure you have all the information that is available in our Guide to Snail Farming here.

how to set up a snail farm

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