Escargot Dining – Le Petit Cafe Ljubljana, Slovenia

We visited a lovely french-style restaurant and cafe in the centre of Ljubljana – what a lovely treat during Christmas holidays. Offering a great atmosphere and even better food, Le Petit Cafe is definitely worth a visit! 🙂

We decided to try the escargots, and the escargot dish they have on the menu is called Escargots à l’ail – translated it means Escargots with garlic. Sounded delicious. Paired with a great cup of coffee and warm bread it made for a lovely brunch in the city. While we waited for the food we were enjoying the nice relaxing music in a busy cafe with lovely rustic interior.

If you don’t fancy escargots & coffee, the selection of food and drinks is huge and no doubt even the fussiest diner will find something delicious to munch on.

Escargots à l’ail is a typical escargot dish, with simply adding some herbs, garlic and olive oil and baked in the oven. Paired with delicious warm bread it was a fantastic choice. The escargots were served in a special escargot plate, still sizzling in hot oil. Using special snail forks and clamps we were able to tuck them out of their shells one by one, hoping we still looked elegant despite some funny slips. 🙂 This is definitely slow food and even though it falls under starters we were surprisingly full at the end. The taste was earthy and fresh; the aromatic garlic added some edge to the nicely soft taste of olive oil and bread.

We absolutely love escargots! Bon apetit!