Snail farming

National Escargot Day

24th May is a National Escargot Day! Hopefully you went out for a delicious meal at your favourite restaurant. Did you know that Escargots were the first animals to be farmed by man, as archaeological evidence has found traces of heliciculture going back thousands of years? Pretty amazing. Happy Escargots Day!

Snail caviar

Snail caviar is a delicacy not known to many people. Most common conclusion that comes to one’s mind when hearing the word caviar is fish caviar. There are many types of fish caviar and usually caviar is considered to be a luxurious product. Snail caviar is no less luxurious, priced at €2,000 per kilogram / …

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How Do Snails Reproduce

The way that snails mate is is one of the most interesting in the animal kingdom. Most snail types (including land snails) are hermaphrodites. This is a long sophisticated word that means they have both male and female reproductive organs. Each one of them has the ability to create eggs and sperm at the same …

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What do Snails Eat – Snail Food

What a snail will eat depends mostly on the type of the snail and where they live. There are thousands of different species of snails in the world. In general, you can divide the different types of snails into three categories: Land snails – Also known as terrestrial Freshwater snails Salt water snails  – Also …

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You might be wondering Is eating snails really that popular? Many people are still thinking of snails as pests, that crawl around and destroy our beautiful vegetable gardens, and they are right – they can be a menace, but they can be a delight too. With high numbers of snail-lovers and the demand for escargot …

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Snail farming – Heliciculture

The definition of heliciculture, known also as snail farming or snail rearing, is raising snails for human use. It is recognized as a sub-category of agriculture. Snail farming is also known as a very profitable and low-risk form of farming. The snails that are being farmed can be used in gastronomy, cosmetics or as food …

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