Snail Farming Resources

How to Sell Snails

snails market lisboa

Now that your farm is growing, you need to learn how you can sell your snails. You would want to know where to find buyers, how to keep the relationships going, make your clients happy and how to reach an even larger audience. It has never been easier to reach your potential buyers with the …

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How to Set Up a Snail Farm Website

snail website

Setting up a website is important for any business and your snail farm business is no different. This is where your potential buyers will find you, learn about your business, discover products and hopefully, purchase. Setting up the website requires first and foremost, planning it right from the beginning and then following up the plans …

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How to produce snail caviar

Watch this short video of how Dominique Pierru produces snail caviar, adding a unique flavour of rosemary and salt. The French entrepreneur takes the production of snail caviar very seriously, and the price of snail caviar reflects the hard work and precision invested into it. You can too produce your own snail caviar by setting …

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Snail Farming – Heliciculture

Snail Farming

The definition of snail farming, known also as heliciculture or snail rearing, is raising snails for human use. It is recognized as a sub-category of agriculture. Snail farming is also known as a very profitable and low-risk form of farming. The snails that are being farmed can be used in gastronomy, cosmetics or as food …

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