Escargot recipes

Nutritional Value of Snails

Snails are super nutritious – one could say they are a superfood. The are very rich in protein and very low in fat, therefore they make a very healthy meal. It is estimated that Escargots contain 80% water, 15% protein and 2,4% fat. Nutritional value of raw snails (per 100 grams): Water: 79 grams Protein: …

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Escargot Festival in France

You can visit a great snail festival in France – Bertric Burée’s snail festival. Every year in May visitors and locals alike enjoy a delicious feast in a small village in Dordogne where nearly 100,000 snails are consumed. Read more about the festival and history of breeding and eating escargots here For the exact dates …

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Cooking Snails – Garlic Butter

Famous recipe for snails in garlic butter by French Cooking Academy. A standard escargot dish around the world and something you can easily prepare at home. Bon apetit! can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Escargots Snails In Garlic Butter – How To Cook Snails | All Time French Classics (

How to Eat Snails

Escargots are something special in the world of cuisine and therefore it is to be expected that the way we eat them is also quite something else. You are absolutely right if you think there must be more than one way to eat snails – depending on the type of escargot dish of course! The …

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Cooking snails

Escargot recipes are on the rise as the next popular dish for chefs! Snails can be used in so many different forms and can taste very differently as appetizers, soups, main courses, in a sauce, side dish, salad or in a dessert. As the demand for escargots rises, snail recipes are evolving every day and really, there …

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